Rachel's novels

The Gathering Place

Drowning under the weight of being framed for his girlfriend’s murder, famous musician Lucas Harper finds his key ally in his attorney, Samantha Cooper. As Samantha stops at nothing to prove Lucas’s innocence, the real murderer lurks, ready to pounce at the first threat. A young but bright lawyer, Samantha has the skill to save Lucas, but the mutual attraction they share threatens to unravel Lucas’s intricate defense. Buy the novel here

The Hiding Place

Everyone thinks Lila Harrison-Hayes should be basking in the glow of her new marriage, but she's not.  Instead, she's been plagued by nightmares since her best friend Samantha Cooper moved to London with Lucas Harper. Lila tries to push them far from her mind, though unbeknownst to her they speak of heartbreaking tragedies that nothing could have prepared her for.

Still, I'm Standing

 Tori Lowry has several problems: a dead grandmother, an alcoholic jailbird for a mother, no money, no house, and jeans that refuse to slide over her ever-expanding hips. All she wants is to get the hell out of the south, meet a cute boy and lose a few pounds.  Tori begins a journey of self-discovery to find herself and her confidence so that she can love herself enough to love someone back.